1. why is cedar crest planting a church?

So, I guess you didn't watch the 2-minute video on the other page called Why Plant Another Church? That's okay. Here's the bottom line, there are a lot of people in our neighborhoodswe're talking hundreds of thousands of peoplewho need the gospel, and we believe planting a new church is one of the best ways to reach them and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

2. what is the "core team" and why do i have to apply to Join it?

The Core Team are those SENT out from Cedar Crest for the purpose of launching and establishing the new church. We believe the best way to have a healthy, established church in the future, is to start off with a prepared and equipped Core Team today. The application and interview process is designed to help develop a well-rounded Core Team that is united in it's commitment to the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. Core Team members will also be expected to participate in Core Team training.

3. What will core team training be like?

We'll meet during the Discipleship Institute hour over 12 weeks April-June.  We'll spend a lot of time getting to know each othertelling stories, laughing, eating and praying together. We'll learn how to serve together as a team. We'll talk about what we believe Orchard Hills Church should look like and our strategies for reaching our community for Christ.

4. What will Sunday mornings at Orchard Hills look like?

Before each Sunday morning Worship Service begins, those who want to gather for prayer will meet for about 30-minutes for a Fresh Encounter-style time of worship-based prayer. The Prayer time will be followed by about 30-minutes of fellowship (yes, that means coffee will be served), along with plenty of opportunities to greet one another and our guests. The hour-long worship service will then begin, and include worship in song, led by the Cedar Routes, a time of prayer, a story or report to highlight how God is at work in our lives today, and a message from God's Word by Pastor Ben. Our goal for Sunday: an engaging, God-filled celebration that magnifies Jesus and prepares you to live out the gospel over the next week. 

5. What about my kids?

Sure, you can bring them too. Val Hoyer will oversee the Sunday morning children's programs. We plan to offer nursery care for the littlest ones, a program for children under Grade 3, and have special needs buddies ready to serve when needed. Teens and families are also welcome to continue participating in the Youth and mid-week ministries of Cedar Crest.

6. I really like Pews. Will orchard hills church have pews?

Uh, probably not...but you're more than welcome to bring your own. At this point, we don't know exactly where we'll be meeting for our weekly worship services, what we'll be sitting on, or what the sound system will be like. What we do know is this: we serve a God who specializes in guiding and providing. So, we trust that the Lord will provide the perfect meeting locationand all the other stuff that goes with itexactly when we'll need it (or better yet, a few weeks before we need it). 

If there are any other questions you have, feel free to contact us HERE.